VIDEO: Sean Penn Is 'Milk'ing It

VIDEO: Sean Penn Is 'Milk'ing It-photo

Sean Penn stars in Milk, the new film by Gus Van Sant.

It looks like Oscar time again for Robin Wright-Penn's off-again/on-again husband.

Sean is portraying the country's first openly gay man in public office, 1970s trailblazer Harvey Milk.

Milk was assassinated in 1978. Check the video to see him brought back to something near life:

The film also stars James Franco (as Milk's boyfriend), Emile Hirsch, and Diego Luna.

Penn may be eccentric and slightly grumpy, but he's one of the greatest actors working today.



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  • buzzgent

    Wow, this is Sean's worst hair since "Carlito's Way." Here's hoping this film carries at least half the wallop the documentary on Harvey Milk did.

  • noah

    "Penn may be eccentric and slightly grumpy, but he's one of the greatest actors working today." Um, what about "I am Sam" ?