VIDEO: 'Twilight' Star Robert Pattinson Sings!

VIDEO: 'Twilight' Star Robert Pattinson Sings!-photo

Robert Pattinson, star of the upcoming vampire flick Twilight, performed last night at famed Hollywood nightclub Whisky A Go-Go.

Robert, whose stage name is Spunk Ransom, sat atop a stool center stage and belted out a few heartfelt tunes while strumming along on his acoustic guitar.

Surely every female in the place was imagining that the sloppy haired musician was singing only to them!


Among all the ladies in attendance was Robert's Twilight co-star Nikki Reed, who came out to support her fellow onscreen blood-thirsty vampire.

After the show, Robert stuck around for a bit to have a few drinks with friends and his manager. He was also humble enough to chat with fans and snap a few photos with them.

You gotta love that his new found fame still hasn't gone to his head!

Feel free to drop a comment about what you thought of Robert's performance!



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  • Kim

    I adore everything Rob does. He reminds me more and more of Depp every day. Didnt Depp do some singing on the side to relax. Anyone got any news on whre Parts per Billion has got to. How can he fit this new film in before doing New Moon? I'm glad you're saying this about him reminding you of Depp, I have the same feeling

  • melrey136

    he has other amazing qualities and it's great to see fresh young actors moving up in the ranks..bc I WILL be looking for many Rob Pattinson movies for years to come and he's just that good so you know it's going to happen

  • yesi

    ahhh vamosss!!!! tiene su estilo propio, a mi realmente me gusta!! posteen una cancion entera no solo un pedacito ;)

  • emi

    I adore Rob and he definitely has the Depp/James Dean vibe to him. Sex on legs and so charismatic. Brilliant actor too. He sings lik eJeff Buckley and if they ever did a biography film of Buckley's life Rob would be perfect. Its not my style of music but I know a lot of people think he's very good. I;d rather he focus on acting as I think he has the makings of n extraordinary actor. I wish he believed in himself more.

  • iheartrob


  • iheartrob

    Ohh SHUTUP hispanicatthedisco! least i dont look like your pic!

  • edward4elsie

    I LOE HIMMMMMMMMMMMMMM AHHHHHHHH i guess you figured that from my name hahha lol Elsie xx

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Get a haircut, hippie!

  • iheartrob

    Yea i wouldn't say i actually like that kind of music but its rob so i don't give a shxt i just love him! Yea he should just focus on acting for now. XD

  • buzzgent

    Now that's a bloke I could sink my fangs into.

  • bawwow

    damn he's amazing....thanks

  • genny

    his stage name is not spunk ransom, lol.... where did you get that stupid idea??? he doesn't have a stage name.

  • fullows

    As others have said, his stagename was NOT Spunk Ransom. I cannot believe you would use someones video from youtube and not give them credit. That is just bad journalism.

  • torez

    I'm more of a Coldplay kind of girl but I'll still be getting the Twiligth album. Have to get everything that Rob's attached to. He's such a brilliant actor to have a crush on but I agree that he needs to focus on acting 1000000000000%

  • becca

    I have to agree Spunk is not his stage name.

  • becca

    He's a very acomplished musician and if you like that style of bluesy music its great. Its not the musical style I go for though. His acting on the other hand I love to bits. He's amazing in everythign I've seen him in and I'm wetting my pants waiting to see him as Salvador Dali in Little Ashes.

  • ker

    Forgot to say that his EW solo Magazine cover is out in November.

  • ker

    Rob's a talented musician but his style of music is not my kind of music. I'd much rather he spent the time getting other big film roles. He's a very good actor and I want to see him play all sorts of roles.

  • janey

    His stage name isnt Spunk Ransom. Sighs. Thats just a nick name given by some fans after he said flippantly he was bored with his name. Its a long boring story but in essence its NOT his stage name.

  • janey

    I've never got so worked up over an actor. He's delectable, mega talented and a total sweetheart.

  • andreab

    By the way he'd make a perfect Green Lantern or Captain America.

  • andreab

    I adore everything Rob does. He reminds me more and more of Depp every day. Didnt Depp do some singing on the side to relax. Anyone got any news on whre Parts per Billion has got to. How can he fit this new film in before doing New Moon?

  • kerry

    Rob's adorable and lovely to his fans. He has a sweet personality. Personally I;d rather he focus 100% on acting as I think he;s incredibly talented and dont want him to take the pressure off his acting career but if he enjoys performing as a mini hobby then hell yeah why not.