WATCH: ‘Aladdin’ Cast Members Reunite 23 Years Later to Sing ‘A Whole New World’

WATCH: ‘Aladdin’ Cast Members Reunite 23 Years Later to Sing ‘A Whole New World’
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Callie Mills / October 9, 2015

Disney fans rejoice! More »

WATCH: Nick Jonas Releases Music Video for His Auto-Tuned Single ‘Area Code’

Natasha Reda / October 9, 2015

Nick Jonas is a rapper at heart, he just doesn’t know it yet. … More »

WATCH: Taylor Swift Talks About Her Writing Process for ‘Blank Space’

Callie Mills / October 9, 2015

‘Cause darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream. More »

‘Hail, Caesar!’ Trailer: George Clooney Gets Kidnapped, Hollywood Tries to Find Him

Gabrielle Chung / October 9, 2015

Just look at this star-studded lineup. More »

WATCH: Eva Mendes Talks Daughter Esmeralda and Ryan ‘Papa’ Gosling

Peggy Truong / October 9, 2015

Eva Mendes is finally answering the one question we’ve all been dying to ask since the birth of her daughter…

More »

WATCH: Adam Lambert’s ‘Another Lonely Night’ Music Video Is All About Vegas Beauty and ‘Magic Mike’

Kaitlyn Laurie / October 9, 2015

Featuring transgender Youtube star Gigi Gorgeous, Adam Lambert’s new music video for “Another Lonely Night” is an homage to Vegas and Magic Mike. More »

WATCH: Selena Gomez Opens Up About Lupus and Loving Her Body on ‘Ellen’

Mia Lardiere / October 9, 2015

It’s time for her Revival. More »

WATCH: Demi Lovato Is a Badass Chick in New ‘Confident’ Video ft. Michelle Rodriguez

Kaitlyn Laurie / October 9, 2015

Calling all Lovatics!

Demi Lovato’s music video for “Confident” is here, and it features everyone’s favorite action movie star Michelle Rodriguez doing what she does best: kicking ass. More »

LISTEN: Ciara’s ‘Paint It, Black’ Cover Makes Your Dad’s Rock Music Sound Kinda Sexy

Mia Lardiere / October 8, 2015

Just listen. More »

WATCH: Uh Oh! Ronda Rousey Says She’s Not a Belieber

Callie Mills / October 8, 2015

Justin Bieber, you’ve made a huge mistake. More »

WATCH: Matt Bomer Answers Ellen DeGeneres’ Burning Questions About His Sex Scenes with Lady Gaga

Callie Mills / October 8, 2015

Matt Bomer knows you have a lot of questions about his sex scenes, and he’s here to answer them. More »

WATCH: Emma Stone Flops Around a Cruise Ship in ‘Anna’ Music Video

Mia Lardiere / October 8, 2015

She flounces and flops in that flapperish way that only Emma Stone can pull off. More »

WATCH: Keanu Reeves Explains Why He Didn’t Make ‘Speed 2’

Peggy Truong / October 8, 2015

Many, many moons ago, Keanu Reeves earned the title of heartthrob thanks to the success and close-up shots of his gorgeous face in Speed. He was Sandra Bullock’s hero. He was our hero. So why was he absent for the seafaring sequel?

More »

LISTEN: Demi Lovato Drops New Song ‘Stone Cold’ and Several Teasers off ‘Confident’

Kaitlyn Laurie / October 8, 2015

Demi Lovato is gearing up for the big release of her new album Confident in the best way ever: teasers galore, and new music videos for her fans. More »

WATCH: Nina Dobrev Teaches James Corden How to Say ‘Bump and Grind’ in Bulgarian

Kaitlyn Laurie / October 7, 2015

Fun fact about Nina Dobrev: she speaks fluent English and Bulgarian. More »

The ‘Sherlock’ Victorian Christmas Special Trailer Is Here

Gabrielle Chung / October 7, 2015

It’s like Christmas in October! More »

WATCH: Lance Bass Reveals He Was Sexually Harassed While a Teenager in NSYNC

Kaitlyn Laurie / October 7, 2015

Former boy-bander Lance Bass has now revealed that he was “inappropriately touched” when he was a teenager during the early days of NSYNC. More »

WATCH: Kourtney Kardashian Says Scott Disick ‘Definitely Has a Problem’

Gabrielle Chung / October 7, 2015

Kourtney Kardashian is having a tough time dealing with her breakup with Scott Disick. More »

WATCH: Amy Schumer and Her Smokey Eyes Would Like to Remind You She’s Hosting ‘SNL’ This Week

Peggy Truong / October 7, 2015

Can you feel the excitement?

More »

Lady Gaga: ‘Dateline’ and Horror Movies Relax Me

Kaitlyn Laurie / October 7, 2015

In case you didn’t know, now you know: in the way that a nice cup of tea is soothing for some people, slasher films are like a lullaby for Lady Gaga. More »

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