Violet Affleck Is a Rule-Breaker

Violet Affleck Is a Rule-Breaker-photo

Violet Affleck, the three-year-old daughter of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, took advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoyed a day in the park with her new little sister Seraphina Rose and their nannies on Friday.

Fresh air, sunshine, running around and playing—pretty idyllic, right?

Sure. Except for one thing. The park in question is the Lake Shrine Meditation Gardens in Pacific Palisades, California. A place of tranquility, where people go to meditate. A practice that's probably not helped any by the rambunctious frolicking of a three-year-old.

Don't you know that the rules of the park explicitly state that visitors should "Respect the quiet atmosphere of the park," Violet? Go ahead; use our Zoom feature to read the regulations, young lady. We'll wait.

Kids these days...



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  • Pharmg104

    Very nice site!

  • anon

    It could be relatives. The woman on the right looks like Jennifer, which could be her sister.

  • Lolly

    They EACH have a nanny??? What's the point of having children if you're not going to raise them? I understand that a lot of people have nannies when they HAVE to work but these parents have the option of not working

  • no

    I'm sure the photographers didn't interrupt the serenity of the Shrine either...