Watch Megan Fox's Sexy New Armani Ad (VIDEO)

Watch Megan Fox's Sexy New Armani Ad (VIDEO)-photo
You've already seen Megan Fox's steamy Giorgio Armani lingerie ad, now catch the sultry actress looking pouty and seductive in a new Armani cosmetics spot.

The 24-year-old actress is making her beauty spokeswoman debut in a sexy new commercial for Giorgio Armani Beauty. In the ad, Megan transforms from a stunning girl-next-door to a crimson-lipped seductress with a few tosses of her beautiful brown locks. It's make-up magic!

Watch the full ad below.

Armani said that he chose the Transformers actress as the face of his beauty line because "she embodies the spirit of the women of today: free, confident and seductive. Her beautiful features reveal femininity, sensuality and strength." And, oh yeah, she's really freaking gorgeous!

According to Styleist, celebrity make-up artist Linda Cantello was responsible for dolling up Megan for the commercial.

Still itching to relive Megan's Armani lingerie commercials? Catch "The Tip" below.

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  • iloveshoes

    she is sooooooo hot !!! she is one of those lucky ladies who is very beautiful and sexy. Love her marilyn monroe tattoo

  • Erick


  • Maricela Cruz Funes
    Maricela Cruz Funes

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