We Did This For You, Demi Moore.

We Did This For You, Demi Moore.-photo

An open post to Ashton Kutcher.

Dearest Ashton,

We loved your Tweet over the weekend featuring a certain famous butt belonging to your equally-famous "wifey," Demi Moore. A pretty good view into your fantastic existence. Your superfit wife is steaming your suit while wearing a white bikini and you snap her picture when she's definitely looking away. Then send it to the world. To top it off, she thinks it's funny. Throw in a cool car and you have yourself a killer rap video.

But we felt that we were missing something. What could that be? Hmmm. Maybe the other half of the butt-equation. It took a while, but we found this shot. In case you forgot about this shot, let us throw out some key terms: Vegas, lost a bet, permanent magic marker, and very brave fan.

Not exactly white-bikini hot, but you get the idea. Enjoy!

Love, your friends at Celebuzz.

P.S. We held off on the Ass-ton joke until the very end of this post.

And now readers, which is the preferable posterior? Let us know below!



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  • jazzhands

    What butt? Her ass is so flat it looks like she's doing a backbend and he took a picture of her frontside.

  • timklutts

    she is still hot... we love her

  • noah

    I would choose Demi for sure, but I would have to place a ban on "granny panties" on my deserted island. C'mon Demi, act your age ... oh wait, my bad, you're 65.

  • drzuke

    Fair is fair, but I hope Ashton is man enough to turn the other cheek. Butt puns FTW!