Whereabouts: Robert Pattinson, Orlando Bloom, Nicole Richie

Whereabouts: Robert Pattinson, Orlando Bloom, Nicole Richie-photo

You have to hand it to Robert Pattinson. Even in a club that's seen it all, he somehow manages to cause a stir.

Pattinson was spotted heading into London's famed Groucho Club on Saturday night, with a gaggle of starstruck fans trailing.

While it's definitely a faux pas to acknowledge celebrity status near these hallowed halls—clearly these fans could not control themselves. Call it the Pattinson Effect.

The bohemian establishment, named after Groucho Marx, is one of Lily Allen's fave haunts. It has also been a mainstay for Sienna Miller, Jude Law, Kate Moss and most every other British celeb known to man. No one batts an eye when they walk in. When Bono played the grand piano on the ground floor of the club in 2002 and broke into "Happy Birthday" for the visiting former-President Bill Clinton, it was deemed a mildly noteworthy occurrence.

The Twilight star was unfazed by the attention and after leaving the club waited at a local mini-cab stand for a cheap ride home.


  • Courteney Cox was pleasantly surprised when taking a table at the Melrose Grill. The guy at the table next to her was Orlando Bloom. "As she was sitting down she noticed Orlando," says a fellow diner. "Without missing a beat she gave an effusive hello and they talked for a bit. Both were taking business meeting."
  • Nicole Richie might have the musician baby-daddy, but she was no where near any Grammy drama in LA this weekend. Richie was spotted with a friend at the Arclight theater late Sunday night outside of a showing of He's Just Not Into You.
  • Hollywood's Bardot had a flurry of activity this past week. On Saturday at the venue's LoHiFi party, Scrubs comedian Zach Braff chatted up with fellow funnyman Joel McHale on the open air patio, while nextdoor at the Avalon Mischa Barton partied with girlfriends for LA Magazine's Grammy bash. Milk hottie Emile Hirsch stopped by the spot earlier in the week to check out hitmaking duo MGMT act as DJs.


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  • kay726

    I really like how you conduct yourself around fans and the parps...don't let it phase you....stay true to yourself...

  • lalanani

    HE waits at a local cab stand like just one of the guys . I love this man

  • katieg

    rob, come back to u.s. soon; we americans miss you! glad you had time w/ family, but new moon is calling. nctwi

  • tinkerbell14

    those two girls behind him are his fans? yeah I love it when he wears that hat.

  • sara

    he loves that hat its his treatmark

  • sbaran

    He keeps wearing that hat, even after cutting off his greasy locks...

  • sam

    he's alive!!miss you~~