Will Smith Shows His True Power

Will Smith Shows His True Power-photo

They don't call him Big Willie for nothing. On the eve of Hancock's London premiere, attended by stars Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Jason Bateman, Peter Berg and Eva Longoria, photogs caught the, um, erection of the display billboard.

Subliminal it ain't. Maybe this is the production company's way of telling the world their star is indeed the true King of Summer. Will's testosterone-driven Men in Black, Independence Day and Bad Boys all premiered over Fourth of July weekends—and all trounced the competition.

But come on, man. There's no reason to force the issue. Ever heard of walk softly but carry a big stick?



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  • hispanicatthedisco
  • hwoodgrrl

    COCK. haha, i get it :)

  • ballier88

    everything about this movie looks great. i love the concept...a deadbeat superhero who goes to rehab.

  • cameronkitty

    Charlize Theron looks freaking gorgeous. I'm seeing this movie just for her.

  • notobsessed

    LOL. this is great :)

  • dancingqueen

    LOL that's why they should've spelled it out from the beginning of the word... some people have no brains, i tell ya