Win a Date With Whitney Port—And Movie Tickets!

Win a Date With Whitney Port—And Movie Tickets!-photo

Hey, did you know that Whitney Port is kissing random strangers now? Yeah, totally. The star of The City recently went on a scavenger hunt with her friends, and as she explains on her official Web site, the competition led her directly to the lips of the lucky fella seen above.

Sweet, huh? But here's something even better—you could actually share a magical evening with Whitney yourself!

Celebuzz is giving away a date with Whitney and tickets to the upcoming comedy She's Out of My League. Just leave a comment in this post letting us know where you think you rank on a scale of 1 to 10 and why. (To obtain your official rating, visit Get Your Rating.) Five finalists will be chosen to move on to the video-submissions round and will each receive a pair of tickets to see She's Out of My League (in theaters March 12). One lucky Grand Prize winner will be going to see the movie with Whitney herself!

Contestants have until February 14 to comment, and must leave an accurate e-mail address so we can contact them. Click here to read the official rules.

Good luck!



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  • Charles

    Solid 8.0, 9.5 in a suit. This girl seems like she would be the ultimate friend, I would love to get to know her.

  • steve

    probably a 1 because I am far too old for her and unable to connect with anyone under 30. But having said that she can buy me a drink and tell me why she got into acting

  • buddyluv501

    6, I am slightly above average. I also have dated way out of my league, so I guess, go me!

  • Andrew

    Alright Whitney, I just want to start off by saying, you are the most beautiful piece of art that I have ever laid eyes on. lol ok that was kinda cheesy. Anyways, I think I should give myself a 7.5. Here's my thing, girls tell me I'm a very attractive guy, but I lack some kind of confidence, I guess. I'd like to think of myself as a very sartorial type of guy, try to dress nice, and I commend you for your great taste and style. However, I have absolutely no "game" when it comes to females :( . I'm 21, about to be 22 in a couple weeks, and I go am a college student. I think it would be one of the best birthday presents if you chose me to hang out with in the big city, and give the guys with no game a shot. lol Thanks

  • lucaluca

    i'd rate myself an 8. i love you whit. think we'd have a ton of fun shopping together. you're the only one of the hills girls that is genuine and pretty. xo

  • Courtney A.
    Courtney A.

    I'm going to give myself a 10 because I think everyone should view themselves as 10s!! And hey, I think I'm pretty cute. Whitney and I would get along great--we are both west coast girls living in the Big Apple and working in the fashion world. We could chat about clothes, boys and how awesome the movie is (but not during the movie...). Pick me, because Whitney and I would totally be pals for life!

  • aidan

    i think im an 8 maybe because when i meet a beautiful girl like Whitney Port i get a lil nervous, but after i minute or two i get a little more comfortable i also think im a fun person, im really out going and funny. I also think im different from most, guys i dont try to act cool and im not scared to be myself. I would want to go out with Whitney because she seems real cool, shes one of the only celebs that manages to stay out of lame drama & idk why but i have a thing for her hair haha! shes also gorgeous NAH shes a BABE! -Aidan

  • dallas

    giiiiiiiiiiiiirl, pick me! I'm a 14 out of 10!!

  • dan

    Damn WHIT!!!! girl''s hot!!! and i am juss follow yer heart n pic me girlie!!!

  • Jeremy

    Ms. Whitney Port, I am very interested in being able to go out with you. I'd rate myself a 4.5, maybe 5 with the lights off :) All kidding aside, I'd really love to sit down and have the opportunity to find out how you go to where you are and if you like it there at the top! Thanks! Jeremy

  • Rusty

    Whit Whit!!!! This is so cool that you are going to spend time with a nobody! I am a huge fan and I would do anything to spend even 5 minutes with you :) My name is Rusty and I've lived in NYC my entire life. I'm pretty outgoing, funny and would rate myself a 9 (I'm basing this on my personality mostly, a little on my looks and the rest on my ability to charm almost everyone who comes in contact with me). Anyway, it would be an honor to sit down and chat with you for a few minutes. PEACE! Rusty

  • D1

    a 10 fo sho. Whitney...this could be something special!

  • Tony Boehm
    Tony Boehm

    I'm a 5.87 I once dedicated a karaoke version of REO Speedwagon's Keep on Loving You to a hot girl at a bar while I was wearing a tie-dyed tank top (with chest hair coming out) and a judo helmet. Suffice to say, she didn't take the bait. Straight Ballin'

  • Katerina Perez
    Katerina Perez

    I'd have to say I'm a ten, why? I'm nice to everyone I meet. Every action I do I make sure it's not good but great. I'm down to earth and mature but fun. I can carry on conversations very well and I get along with anyone (unless your mean to people). I look for the good in everyone and I know right from wrong :)

  • acltrd

    Let's see... Well, the basic facts are I'm 24, the oldest of 5, nearly 5'10" , am bi-lingual, love to sing, and have spent my life moving around a lot. I'm half American and somehow my European father got the brilliant idea that his family should spend no more than two years at a time in one place. The experience certainly shaped me. Whether it left a positive or negative impact on my life is still up for debate, but there is no doubt that it left some kind of impact. I'm not entirely sure why I'm writing all this to a perfect stranger. I wasn't going to, but what can I say, something brought me to it. I almost feel a bit silly entering a contest like this, but at the current moment I feel open and welcoming at the chance to travel to a new place and perhaps connect with a lovely person. I must be sounding quite depressed or some kind of pop culture emo by now! Hm... I just love to think...! Or daydream :) The best times for that are on the bus, watching life go by and listening to some fitting music. I do enjoy a good laugh also. There are few things better. I suppose that's about all I care to poor out about myself onto a public website! Oh my... Oh, I nearly forgot I was supposed to rate myself. Hm... Not sure I'd be such a good judge... I'm afraid I'd come off as being falsely modest, however it would be a rating close to what I honestly believe I am. Maybe rating myself isn't such a good idea! Let's just say I'm a fairly average girl. An average girl with a lot to give, and a girl who hopes that some day a special guy will take it all and return it with no expectations. Oh! email :)

  • Jeremy

    Hi my name is Jeremy from London. Im currently living in New York for job purposes. Im quite new to the city (only been living here for 2 months) so I'm not quite sure where the best places are to go. It would be a pleasure to meet you and hopefully the film will be great to compliment the evening. Hope all is well. P.s i don't think i can rate myself, maybe if i get the chance you can do that for me. All the best J

  • face

    I am a 8.5. Tall, dark, handsome, kinda successful, jewish, funny, well dressed, born in LA living in NYC, and in general I am an unique dude. Whit has great style and I think that is the number one most important thing to me. base cause I don't want better dressed that my date, ever. Also we can chat about the latest in modern stylings .. but not in a gay way (love gays tho.... not like that).

  • Will Kauff
    Will Kauff

    I'd rate myself an 8. I'm a pretty funny guy, cute enough, and made with a heart of gold. All those + the fact that I'm one of the nicest people you'll meet is the reason I'd say 8. As for meeting Whitney.. That'd be the highlight of my life so far, I've been a fan since the first meeting of Whit. My favorite moments from the hills usually include her, like the krystal/tiffany name discussion, a drunk lauren asking her if the boy is cute, and finally introducing us to Kelly.

  • Jesika

    I am also studying Photography and am really into visual arts, so I would hope we could connect on that. Should have put that in my previous post -.-

  • Jesika

    My name is Jesika (Jih-see-kuh) I know its not pronounced the way it's spelled. My mom is silly. I would rate myself a, or 9 if I was being nice. Not entirely on looks, though, because I have never really felt I was stunning or anything of that sort. I grew up with my mother, whom taught me all about inner beauty, and how it doesn't only mean being beautiful on the inside, but the way you reflect that beauty onto other people through your actions. It is always something that is in the back of my mind. I knwo that being confident in yourself and sharing your love and care with others is the key to happiness. & when you are happy with yourself, you can make other people happy. Unfortunately, sometimes life isnt always that easy as I have learned. Therefore, I have found myself with only 1 true friend. I don't know why, but I suppose that just not everyone understands the importance of kindness towards others. I had made myself somewhat of a doormat, I suppose. Even though it hurts, I am still glad I have given nothing but my best to those I have cared about. I have always felt that Whitney understood that, though, through watching the show. I would love to meet her, and finally get to spend time with someone who is seemingly as beautiful on the inside as she definitely is on the outside.

  • catherine

    I rate My Self A 5 I Enjoy May People,And i try To Be Social. To Be Honest I'm A Good Person. I Dont think I'm Perfect But Thats Okay. I do belive everyones beautiful. I Could Be Majorly Lazy But i dont mind i listen when people talk My Personality is silly,and grand. I Hope You Give Me A Chance Thank You.

  • Kayla Burditt
    Kayla Burditt

    i'd rate myself a 7. i may be a bit awkward personality wise, but i'm a very nice person. Although, that sounded pretty c*cky. Haha, well I think i'm a kind person, at least. I'm not bad looking. I could look better, I could look worse. I don't go by the "social norm" and I'm really opinonated. I love vintage fashion. I am intrigued by interesting people and places. That is why I rate myself a 7. Sorry for the rant! :) xx kayla

  • caroline

    I'd rate myself a 6.5. I feel like I'm still kind of in an awkward stage of my life but I'm not really ugly. I'm shy around groups of new people but any of my friends could tell you I am fun and crazy with them. I have a sense of style that is inspired by people who have good style like Whitney, along with out there people like Lady Gaga and Audrey Kitching. I am very insightful and opinionated too. I think I would get along well with Whitney because she seems down to earth. reach me at

  • sarah presas
    sarah presas

    8.5. Because Whitney seems like the type of person i can connect with in a fun, non-gay way, and I really admire Whitney. I'm an 8.5 because I can play drums like Travis(but not really, i've only played for six years, boo.) I LOVE fashion, and i tell some great knock-knock jokes.