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  • Vic

    I just have one question! WHY is her picture in the worst dressed? Whoever posted this is out blind, with the capital B!!!!

  • tahehata

    This dress is for the emperor, not the queen. She bring the concept OF"cross sex dress" back to 500 years ago. LOVE IT!

  • mieoux

    I don't see anything wrong with this dress. You're wrong on this celebuzz.

  • celebuzz operated by retards
    celebuzz operated by retards

    the person who made this thread saying this is worst dressed, made this site-celebuzz a stupid site with people with no taste or innate bigots operate this site. that dress with her wearing it... is stunning!!! it makes people understand beauty and meaning of beauty...

  • Fifi Quimbo
    Fifi Quimbo

    What the hell are you talking about? That is an epic dress!

  • michelle

    worst? u kidding? this is one of the best dress, she's such a beauty.

  • Carol

    This dress is STUNNING!! How can this end up in the worst dress section!!??

  • emerald

    Why fail? This dress is gorgeous and it looks so beautiful on her.... Who posted this?

  • terri

    how on earth can this be a fashion fail, celebuzz? that gown has such a beautiful story to tell, and fan bing bing looks divine in it. she should be one of the best dressed, if not the best of the best! love the artwork, cut, fit, fabric... and definitely love how it pays tribute to her culture. i hope you're not racist. :(

  • Daisy

    the actress designed the dress herself!! bravo! who else is brave enough to do that in cannes? this specific dragen pattern is traditionally used for emperor's gown only. wonderful cuts/textile/contemporary design! 10 stars

  • Peter

    Are you blind? This dress was absolutely stunning both in colours and craftmanship. With the addition cultural motif from her own country and yet still looks contemporary. It's a rare gem!

  • Knowing It!
    Knowing It!

    Just look at that intricate handwork on that gown! Whoever says that it's on the worst dress list is a reflection of her / his ignorance.

  • BingBing Xing
    BingBing Xing

    She designed this amazing dress! Amazing, my Queen!

  • nad

    r u idiot?? such a beautiful dress with such a thoughtful meaning!

  • AC

    she looks GORGEOUS with a capital G... whoever posts this has no taste.

  • skylar

    fail in which way??? It looks interesting and so amazing on her.

  • anonymous

    I agree with rachel--open your mind, this dress is a fashionable, modern tribute to her culture and she looks absolutely fantastic in it.

  • Suzanne

    That dress is gorgeous! Are you out of your mind?

  • rachel

    Open your mind a teeny tiny bit - this dress is amazing!

  • heyhey

    Are you kidding me? BEST DRESSED! Her dress represents her country and it is beautiful.

  • irina

    the cut, the colors, the fabric, the theme of the images on the dress, her wearing something from her country. This is great!

  • Ashely

    That dress is ROCKIN'!!

  • Jade Sophie Chadwick
    Jade Sophie Chadwick

    Omg is ace i wanna hang it on my wall

  • moony

    This dress is really beautiful !!!

  • annuk

    wuuut? that dress is amazing!

  • Mae

    That dress is AWESOME