Zac Efron and Danielle Panabaker: Does Vanessa Know?

Zac Efron and Danielle Panabaker: Does Vanessa Know?-photo

Zac Efron (and his increasingly Katie Holmes-esque hair) was photographed out with Friday the 13th actress Danielle Panabaker last night at Hugos restaurant in West Hollywood.

Zac has a girlfriend (his High School Musical co-star and Oscars musical-number partner Vanessa Hudgens), so this must be some sort of business meeting.

Or a friends thing? Guys can have gorgeous female friends, right?

Besides, a paparazzi magnet like Zac would know better than to take his side dish out in public if that was what was going on.

Danielle might want to watch out. If Vanessa catches her trying to steal Zac, she'll probably bust out a wrath 1,000 times worse than anything Jason Voorhees did to her in the Friday the 13th remake.

Besides, shouldn't she be busy reminding Shark co-star James Woods, 61, to take his Metamucil, so to speak?



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  • Argh

    HE'S NOT GAY GET OVER YOURSELVES! And even if he was he wouldn't be with Vanessa. ALSO if he was why should it matter?! You all make it sound like it's horrible to be gay. The guy is attractive Stop being so jealous!

  • hope and luke
    hope and luke

    you are a cheeting lier why would you cheet on four young ladies we think you stink and i wish i could blow a rasberry at you but i cant

  • Juliet

    who cares x2 He looks as a woman We do! And your English is totally wrong!

  • Peter

    who cares x2 He looks as a woman

  • Peter

    who cares x2 He looks as a woman

  • neenee

    he has been moulded into what disney wanted him to be like how do you know this aint his real girlfriend? an vanessa the undressa is a fake? ohhh young love in Hollywood

  • name

    guy's this is just a friendly lunch between two mates from Summerland. Do you honestly think that he would go out to lunch in the public eye with someone before mentioning to Vanessa who he has been ewith for kyears? No, besides his publicity would take a huge dive if he even tried it and I dont think he's that kinda guy anyways. These days if he goesw anywhere hes gonna get snapped so this is just one of those times and someone in the media has made a story out of it for public interest.

  • bawwow

    who cares he is GAY!

  • divadutchess

    All this ladies should leave Zac alone.. He is hot but they should allow him and Vanessa Be.. FYI: Vanessa will know after this..