Zac Efron Gets Shady in Berlin

Zac Efron Gets Shady in Berlin-photo

Apparently, Zac Efron's future's so bright, he has to wear shades. Because he sure has been wearing them a lot lately.

Efron touched down in Berlin, Germany, on Saturday, for the premiere of his box-office smash 17 Again. Efron's girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, wasn't with him, but Zac did bring his mother, Starla Baskett, along for the trip.

Such a sweet boy...

Have your say in the comments section: Have you seen 17 Again and, if so, what did you think?



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  • fassbinder

    yes! It is very cute like zac! We must look into it urgently!

  • Thamina

    I havn't watched 17 again yet but i can't wait to watch it when it is realised in DVD! i love u Zac!I'm a big fan and i love high school musical!

  • Kaetlin Efron
    Kaetlin Efron

    hey! its kaetlin and i love u, but dont worry, i wont attack u, LOL. u gotta get a say-now cuz it lets u stary in touch with ur fans at all times, they leave u messages and if u want u can call them back, i woiuld love if u had one. Also i loved ur movie 17 again mark/mike odonell. hahaha. u r the best and ur hair rocks!

  • billybob

    i loved the film it was really good. i have seen it 2s. cant wait to get it on dvd (does anyone know when it comes out on DVD). I am so happy zac is doing something different. don't get me wrong i thought he was great in High School Musical 1, 2 and 3 but he needed to move away from musical. Dropping out of the re-make of the 80s film, Footloose was the right thing to do. Good luck Zac in the future.