Zac Efron on a 'GQ' Pole

Zac Efron on a 'GQ' Pole-photo

Zac Efron doesn't want to be typecast and he wants everyone to know it!

The 21-year-old star of 17 Again opens up in a revealing new interview for the May 2009 issue of GQ Magazine and does an even hotter photo-shoot:

  • On his parents: "They completely believed that there was a one-in-a-billion chance I would ever be successful. And that was ingrained in the back of my head: I will fail. I'm going to fail. They managed my expectations. I was always prepared to fail. So it was kind of confusing when things started to work out."
  • On rumors that he and long-time girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens are engaged: "That was such bullsh*t. I'm definitely not getting married. In this business, you're either getting married or they want you to be pregnant. I'm not getting married until I'm 40. If ever. The thought never crossed my mind ... Maybe not 40. Maybe not until I'm 30."
  • On talking with his idol, Leonardo DiCaprio: "I thought I was gonna ask him questions. He ended up asking me questions, and in that, he told me a lot. He said, 'There's one way that you can really f*ck this all up. Just do heroin. If you steer clear of that, the other obstacles you'll be able to navigate.' And that makes sense, dude."
  • On underage drinking: "I wasn't programmed by Disney. It's common sense. If you're gonna be drunk with your friends, don't get wasted at the Chateau Marmont and hook up with some famous chick. It's not rocket science. I don't want to be famous for my personality. If anything, I keep that under wraps."
  • On his future: "I’m truly ready right now. I can't wait, dude. I'm going to do something—something cool. Something people aren't necessarily expecting."

Whoa, there! Cussing and talking about drinking? It's a whole new Zefron, and we like it! We're also really digging the Rob Pattinson-esque hair.

Let us know what you think about Zac's GQ interview in the comment section below: Do you miss the wholesome Zac?



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  • Pharmg415

    Very nice site!

  • getsomesense

    Why is everyone being so hard on the kid? He has his own style and talent and so what if he has a hair due is somewhat like Robert Pattison's, THAT'S WHAT STYLE IS and that is obviously fits the vision of the photographer. He shouldn't be compared to Robert Pattison because they both have individual, raw talents that work for their own lifestyle and work preference. So stop being such dickheads and twihard little girls! Get some perspective.

  • ZEfronIsAJoke

    Haha this SOB is trying is so hard to be like Rob Pattinson. This kid is a f*cking joke. No one respects him except for brainwashed little girls.

  • cloclo

    what a joke! this guy is trying soooo hard to be something he clearly is not.

  • laughs

    LMAO. Do not want.

  • chichilavie

    Do NOT miss...

  • charliemurphy

    If you were ever looking for visual confirmation that this kid is a giant c*ck-dragon, then look no further.