Zac Efron Hates His 'Huge' Head

Zac Efron Hates His 'Huge' Head-photo

To millions of young women worldwide, Zac Efron is the very picture of physical perfection. But don't tell him that.

The Charlie St. Cloud heartthrob recently revealed that he has trouble watching himself onscreen, because of all of the imperfections he perceives in himself. Says Efron, who turns 23 on Monday,

“What do I think when I watch myself on screen? ‘My head is huge!’ I pick out every single flaw or thing I should have done better...I cringe at first, but years down the road I’ll be able to look back and appreciate what I’ve done—sometimes.”

If Efron really thinks his head is that big, perhaps it wasn't so prudent of him to grow that facial hair of his, which only adds to the mass of his noggin.

What say you, readers? Is Zac's head too big, or just big enough? Sound off in the comments section.



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  • Guest

    Yes he has a big head......... with a pretty face on it!!!!!!!

  • Fran

    Zac, your head and body are, in fact, PERFECTION.

  • LindaK

    Seen live, you'll notice that most entertainment stars have larger heads than normal. That's why they come off so great on camera. Zac should thank his lucky stars for that cranium.

  • izzy

    it isn't exactly Huge, in my opinion it is quite Square.

  • marissa lewis
    marissa lewis

    zac don't have a huge head his head is small and neat

  • charaze

    I couldn't agree more! Zac needs to shave that 'growing' thing on - if he doesn't want to think he has a HUGE head. Still, he's the symbol of 'hotness'. LOL ===

  • annabannana56

    No worries Zac! Your not the only one!

  • SEX

    Zac Efron is perfection.