Miley Cyrus Explains That Wacky Ear Tattoo

When Miley Cyrus debuted a tattoo of the word “Love” on the inner rim of her ear earlier this week, many were perplexed. Why the ear? And what “love,” exactly, is it meant to represent?

Luckily, the Hannah Montana star has stepped forward to put an end to all the confusion. According to Miley,

“There’s so much negativity in the world and what you only need to hear is all the love. People try to say to me, ‘I just heard someone say this or that about you,’ and I just ignore it because it’s irrelevant. Love is what makes the world go around, and that’s all we need to focus on.”

Very poignant, Miley—and a very attention-grabbing way of reminding everyone what’s really important. We just hope the message doesn’t go in one ear and out the other.