Jeremy Renner Caught in Thailand Bar Brawl, One Stabbed With an Axe!

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Jeremy Renner was in the midst of a brutal bar fight in Thailand early Thursday morning that left one person in serious condition. According to TMZ, one of Jeremy’s friends, Vorasit Issar – the general manager of the Siri Panwa Resort – was seriously wounded after getting slashed in the neck with an axe and stabbed in the stomach with a knife. Reports claim that Vorasit accidentally dropped a glass on the floor, inciting the brawl.

According to Thai authorities, Renner only suffered minor injuries, but a rep for the Hurt Locker actor tells MTV that Jeremy left the venue once things started getting hairy, and he was totally uninjured in the incident.

The violence broke out at 4:30 AM, and the six men who attacked Jeremy’s group were arrested.

Watch the exclusive TMZ video for more info about the bar brawl!