Will Kristen Bell Reprise Her Role As Veronica Mars? She’s Game! (PHOTOS)

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Before she portrayed a hot and hilarious actress on Forgetting Sarah MarshallKristen Bell was already loved for her role as Veronica Mars on the TV show of the same name. 

The cult following is still rampant and when asked by SELF magazine if she would ever return to her roots as the mystery solver, Kristen seems optimistic! While answering fan questions for the publication, the actress revealed: 

“They haven’t stopped pitching it. We’re not going to stop, even if I’m 80 and I’m Veronica Mars in an old folks home, I still think we’ll do it and I’m game.”

How do you feel about this news? Would you like to see Kristen reprise her role as Veronica Mars? Sound off in the comments!

Another role Kristen would love to be considered for is from the highly anticipated book-turned-movie The Hunger Games. She told SELF, “In my dreams, I’d play Johanna Mason. Whether that’s going to happen, I can’t tell you. I’m going to throw my hat in the ring, don’t get me wrong.”

So how does this actress stay on-screen and red-carpet ready? She shared with the magazine’s readers that her favorite exercise is called The Bowler. Kristen explains the move “is amazing for the butt cheeks,” is a simple exercise where you “stand with your feet hip-width apart, and bend slightly at the waist, holding a 5-pound weight in your right hand.” Then, you swing your arms as if you are bowling. 

What are you favorite exercise moves to work the bum? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out Kristen in the latest issue of SELF magazine, on newsstands today, Jan. 17.