Exclusive: ‘Victorious’ Cast Talks ‘Breakfast Club’ Homage and Spill Detention Stories

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Victoria Bikinis in FL!
Victoria Justice rocks a two-piece.
Few things are better than wrapping up the holidays by sitting in front of your fireplace to watch a classic 80s movie like The Breakfast Club. Whether you’re a grandchild or a grandparent, we can bet you’ve seen this classic movie at least once in your life — and because it holds a special place in all of our hearts, one of our favorite television shows is set to pay an homage to the timeless film!

That’s right! Victoria Justice, Avan Jogia, Ariana Grande, and the rest of the Victorious cast is set to recreate their own special version of the 1985 John Hughes teen drama. The episode is titled “The Breakfast Bunch” and is set to air INSERT DATE AND TIME on Nickelodeon. Celebuzz was on the Victorious set while the cast shot the much anticipated episode, and we were able to get some scoop on what we can expect from it, who their special guest star is, and how many of them actually got detention growing up!

The young cast was all smiles while shooting “The Breakfast Bunch”. Some of them were even dressed in outfits very reminiscent of the original Breakfast Club characters. Leon Thomas III, who plays the talented Andre on the hit TV series and was dressed very much like Emilio Estevez‘s character Andrew, gave us a little synopsis about the upcoming episode, saying,

We’re playing characters that are pretty similar to the characters in the movie. We all get detention because we come back late from lunch. We have Rob Riggle (Saturday Night Live, The Hangover) playing Vice Principal Dickers, so it’s going to be good.

It sounds like a fun episode! Riggle was apparently the perfect casting choice to play VP Dickers as the whole cast seemed to get along very well with the actor. Avan Jogia, who was similarly dressed as Judd Nelson‘s character Bender, said of Riggle, “It’s been great having him here. He’s amazing and you learn a lot from him.”

“You had to hold back laughter for [Rob],” Thomas added. “In between scenes, we would just hang out and talk and he’s great.”

Thomas also revealed that while some of the cast members had not seen The Breakfast Club before learning of this special homage, they all got together before shooting for the episode began to watch the classic film and find the similarities between the two.

We also got some scoop on the cast’s real life detention stories. While all the guys had a couple of detention stories to share, the one that surprised us the most was that of red-head Ariana Grande, who explained, ” I got detention once because I was eating in class. It wasn’t my fault, though. I’m hypoglycemic and I needed to eat and my teacher didn’t believe me. When I went to detention, my mom came in and took me out of it and explained it to them.”

Meanwhile, Victoria Justice shared that she was actually a good girl in school. “I never got in trouble for anything,” she shared.

We’re so excited to see the Victorious cast tackle this incredible movie in “The Breakfast Bunch” episode! Will YOU be watching? Tune in to Nickelodeon on Saturday January 28 when it airs!

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