10 Things You Don’t Know About Birthday Boy Justin Timberlake (PHOTOS)

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Battle of the Hot Justins
Which Justin reigns supreme?
It’s the last day of the month but the beginning of Justin Timberlake‘s 31st year! The pop star-turned-movie star has grown up before our very eyes and has gone through quite the style transformation since his N’SYNC days. 

Did you know he has five tattoos, or that he collects candles? Celebuzz did some digging to find out some of the kookiest facts about The Social Network birthday boy, 10 facts to be exact.

Any crazed JT fans out there that think know something we don’t?! Do share your Timberlake knowledge in the comments!

It’s recently been rumored that Mr. JT is engaged to his longtime love Jessica Biel, but this isn’t the first famous face he’s been romantically connected to. Check out Justin’s leading ladies through the years below.