Check Out a Preview of ‘Hunger Games’ Super Bowl Spot With Brand New Scenes! (VIDEO)

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Add another reason to the list of why Celebuzz is excited for Super Bowl Sunday!

In a newly released video (via Entertainment Tonight) we get a closer look into the highly anticipated Hunger Games film, that includes some emotional moments for Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) as well as a better look at the interviews conducted by Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci). The full spot will air during Sunday’s Super Bowl, (New England Patriots vs. New York Giants!) on NBC February 5.

Also, the film’s director Gary Ross recently revealed a certain Hunger Games actor who inspired him to write two new “pivitol” scenes for the film, out March 23.

Ross told Entrainment Weekly that Donald Sutherland (who plays President Snow) sent him an email about his character that “was a long thoughtful analysis of the way power is wielded and why. How it controls people and what the use of the Games were and how pernicious they were and the way that they were used as an instrument of political control. It actually inspired me to write two extra scenes for him that I think are pivotal in the movie and that Suzanne really loves.”

We love it! Can’t wait to see what is in store.

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