Big ‘Spider-Man’ News Coming as Guerrilla Projections Spotted Across the Globe (VIDEO)

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Spidey Kiss
Emma and Andrew pucker up on set.
Look out, here comes the Spider-Man!

The Spidey fandom went a-buzzing this week when multiple guerrilla projections of Spider-Man’s insignia were spotted across the the globe. Landmarks in Sydney, Moscow, Los Angeles and New York were all plastered with the webbed hero’s icon marking. The lit message was seen in a total of 13 cities and 12 countries.

We know The Amazing Spider-Man doesn’t hit theaters until this July. So what gives?

Rumor has it that fans who followed Spidey’s projections received details about special events happening around the world on February 6. The word’s still out what those events entail, but it looks to us like big Spider-Man news is coming our way soon. Keep a look out, folks!

What do you think this all means? Check out Spider-Man’s message in the video below then sound off in the comments!