Josh Hutcherson: I’m a Big Romantic (VIDEO)

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There’s no doubt Josh Hutcherson is a teen heartthrob and he’s set to make the gals swoon even more. The actor, who will be playing Peeta in the upcoming Hunger Games franchise, recently opened up to Elle about his dating life, revealing he’s a huge romantic.

“I’m a big romantic, traditional cheesy guy,” he admits. “I’m all about going to the beach under the stars. That’s a real date. But other than that, dinner and a movie is classy.” Aww!

Josh seems pretty preoccupied with work though, focusing on his career and preparing for the March 23 release of Hunger Games. He opened up about his role, revealing: “I read all three books in five days… I’ve never read a character I’ve connected with more—I am Peeta.”

Director Gary Ross weighed in, revealing Josh had a certain spark that made him stand out from fellow actors who auditioned for the role of Peeta. “He’s so unbelievably charming,” says Ross. “When he auditioned, Suzanne Collins and I looked at each other. We’d both been knocked out.”

Although Josh is a star in his own right, the actor reveals he really looks up to Ryan Gosling and hopes to work with him one day.

“I’m a big fan of Ryan Gosling as an actor because of his subtleties and how he internalizes a lot of the emotions. For me, that’s kind of my style, so he’s definitely a big person I look up to,” Josh said.

Watch the rest of the interview above, and go to Elle to see more pics from Josh’s photo shoot.