Better With Age! Naomi Watts & Robin Wright Slip Into Swimsuits For ‘Grandmothers’ Movie (PHOTOS)

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Better with Age!
These guys got even hotter as adults.
Halle in a Bikini
You know you want to look!
These are the sexiest grandmothers we’ve ever seen! Naomi Watts and Robin Wright showed off their nearly flawless beach bods while shooting scenes in Sydney, Australia for their 2013 film The Grandmothers. 

Robin, 43, in a teeny bikini and Naomi, 45, in a blue swimsuit, the girls frolicked with two strapping young men, presumably their sons in the movie. There’s even a scene when the shirtless boys fight in the waves. 

It’s apparent these women are getting better with age but click the pics to see other females in Hollywood that are dipping into the fountain of youth.

The IMDB description of The Grandmothers reads: “A pair of childhood friends and neighbors fall for each other’s sons.” Sounds a little promiscuous.

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