Yah or Nay? Lourdes Leon Shaves Her Head! (POLL)

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This is taking celeb “BUZZ” a little too literally! Teen designer Lourdes Leon stepped out with a new style — a freshly shaved head! Lourdes is on trend with the hipsters with her latest cut, which is buzzed on one side from her ear up to the temple. 

How do you feel about this look? Do you think momma Madonna approves?

The punked out look is a drastic change from her usual hairstyle, but she’s hinted that she wanted to change it up before. Her famous mom kept a rule that she couldn’t dye her hair until she was 14 (she went darker). Now 15, Lourdes is taking it to the next level! 

If the ‘do looks familiar, “Me & U” singer Cassie made the style popular back in 2009.