Penn Badgley: I Like a Woman Who Has ‘Command Of Her Sexuality’ (PHOTOS)

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We now know what Penn Badgley sees inZoe Kravitzbesides her being gorgeous and talented. The Gossip Girl guy chatted with Celebuzz editor Amber James exclusively at the Rock & Republic For Kohl’s Fashion Week show, and opened up about his taste in women and his on and off screen love life. Swoon!

When asked about what he finds attractive in the opposite sex, the actor answered: 

“That is such a hard question to answer… Someone with confidence and command of her sexuality.”

Penn has dated two fashionistas in his day, Blake Lively and now Zoe, so we had to ask: What style does he find most attractive on females?

He answered candidly, “It’s hard to nail just one down, but if her style is original and unique, it denotes confidence and individually. Honestly, I like it all depending on who it is.” As for his go-to style, “Black jeans, a shirt and a jacket. It’s pretty simple.”

Now for the Gossip Girl scoop! Though they haven’t rekindled their romance for quite some time, will we ever see Dan (Penn) and Serena (Blake) together again? The actor joked, “There is probably no hope for those two. (laughs) … Actually, we only get scripts week to week, so I don’t know what’s in store for Dan or the rest of the characters.”