Celebuzz Goes Behind The Scenes at TeenNick’s ‘Party with Degrassi’!

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For those of who’ve been keeping up with Degrassi for the past 10 drama-filled seasons, season 11 is just around the corner. Season 11’s premiere was showcased exclusively last night for some die-hard fans and Celebuzz was on-site to interview the cast!

The first of a five-stop tour to promote the new season, TeenNick’s “Party with Degrassi” event was met with adoring and passionate fans at Universal Citywalk’s 5 Towers concert arena on Monday night.

Fans were given the opportunity to watch the premiere episode before anyone else and Degrassi cast members, Munro Chambers (Eli), Alex Steele (Tori), Jordan Todosey (Adam), and Annie Clark (Fiona), greeted their screaming tween fans near the end of the night for a Q&A after. 

Check out what the cast members said about their fans and the new season of Degrassi in our exclusive interview!

CB: You’ve had a very loyal bunch come out for the event today. What do you think of the turnout?

Alex Steele (Tori): They’ve been outside since 9 A.M. we hear. It sounds like extreme loyalty so we’re very excited to see them!

CB: When you were young, what TV shows would you have lined up for on Universal City Walk?

Munro Chambers (Eli): Probably Lost for me. If Lost was still on the air, I would be there, front and center.

Jordan Todosey (Adam): Maybe not a show, but a Jared Leto concert I would line up for. 30 Seconds to Mars, yeah for sure!

Annie Clark (Fiona): I would probably line up for The O.C. If that was still on the air.

CB: What are you all anticipating in terms of fan response for Season 11 of Degrassi?

Jordan Todosey (Adam): It’s all about new beginnings. That’s kind of the the theme of this part of the season. So there’s unexpected turns.

Munro Chambers (Eli): I think the first time, in a couple of years, we’re actually gonna see some of the grade nine fans enjoy themselves because we’re having some freshmen come in. But it’s the same old Degrassi…lots of drama!

CB: What new things can we expect from each of your characters?

Alex Steele (Tori): Scandals, lots of triangles, lots of betrayal of friendships and a lot of trying to find who you are (in Season 11).

Annie Clark (Fiona): There is going to be some temptations for Fiona. But I think she holds it together pretty well, but she’s still struggling with her past. She comes back (in Season 11) a much stronger person.

CB: Is it easier or harder to relate to the characters you play in the show?

Alex Steele (Tori): I guess since the characters are in high school, we’ve all been through that experience and it’s easy to relate to that. Even though they go about challenges a bit differently.

Munro Chambers (Eli): A lot of the characters are outsiders. So you kind of feel that you want to be wanted, but accepted. On that level, I feel like anyone can really relate.

Jordan Todosey (Adam): I don’t know how much I have in common [with Adam], but I do have to admit that I did used to read comic books when I was younger.

Annie Clark (Fiona): I don’t relate to Fiona a whole lot, but definitely I love fashion like she does. Same style but not exactly the same attitude. It’s fun to play a really dramatic and crazy character because I feel like I’m really subdued in real life (laughs).

CB: Why do you think the show has made such an impact for the last 10 years?

Jordan Todosey (Adam): The characters are really real and easy to relate to. I think people see that and it’s why they’ve fallen so hardly in love with all the characters.

Annie Clark (Fiona): Also I think the fact that Degrassi casts kids actually playing their ages, not 25 or 26 year-olds playing like 16, so I think people can relate in that way too. It’s a really accepting show.

The cast is sure to bring the drama all season long on Degrassi –premiering February 20 9 p.m. (ET).  Check out the new season’s teaser below!