First Alec Baldwin & Now Katrina Bowden! ’30 Rock’ Star Lashes Out At American Airlines

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The feud continues between American Airlines and 30 Rock! AfterAlec Baldwinwas asked to exit a plane after he refused to stop playing Word With Friends on his phone, his costar Katrina Bowden has also lashed out at the airline.

The NBC star tweeted today, Feb. 21, writing: “Flight attendant on American just refused to give me more water because ‘I had enough already’ what the what?! These people are the worst!”

Following Alec’s outburst we’re wondering if AA will continuing playing 30 Rock as their on-air entertainment.  Katrina also added to this tweet with a bit more colorful language, writing: 

“Needless to say- I kinda lost my shit, and left the argument with a bottle full of water and my head held high. Take that bitch!”

She then responded to one of her followers, confirming: “@dgisgd yea dead serious! She said I could only have airplane tap water!”

Celebuzz reached out to Katrina’s rep, who declined to comment. 

What do you think of these tweets? Is Katrina overreacting, or do you know what she’s going through? Sound off in the comments!