‘Revenge’ Returns Next Week! What We Know Post-‘Chaos’ Episode (PHOTOS)

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'Revenge' Cast Talks
Cast of ABC show drops some hints about season.
The waiting is the hardest part!

Fans of the ABC’s hit show Revenge have to hold their breathe for yet another week to see what happens after the epic episode ‘Chaos.’ The show brings us back to where the season started: The Fire & Ice engagement party for lead characters Emily and Daniel played by Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman. A party in which we were led to believe Daniel was killed on the beach, but we should have known there would be some crazy twists and turns!

Celebuzz has broken down the top 10 facts that we already know about the show that keeps us on the edge of our seat every Wednesday night!

Warning: * Spoiler Alerts* for those of you who aren’t caught up on Revenge!!

Number 10: Emily’s box containing all of her family secrets went missing into the hands of the unstable Tyler (Ashton Holmes) but Emily’s Sensei got it back for her. How he retrieved it is still unknown.

Number 9: Tyler turns Amanda (Margarita Levieva) against Emily by convincing her that Emily purposely separated her from Jack, it causes her to side with Tyler and set up Emily before the engagement party. She later comes to her senses and tries to make amends.

Number 8: Charlottes (Christa B. Allen) true paternity has been revealed to her. She is Amanda Clarke’s (aka Emily) half-sister and the man she thought was her father, Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny) broke the news. She is absolutely devastated now and has turned to drinking and prescription pills.

Number 7: In light of the paternity revelation Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) continues her scheming ways by signing the divorce papers with the ulterior motive to ruin Grayson Global by planning to reveal the scandalous events of their marriage to the government.

Number 6: Daniel is not the one dead on the beach! (Phew!) The body in the white tux we saw in the first episode is actually Tyler’s.

Number 5: Jack finds fake Amanda leaning over Tyler’s bloody body. He tells her to run away as he tries to move the body!

Number 4: Before Tyler’s death, he revealed bits and pieces to Daniel about who Emily truly is and what was really is in that box!

Number 3: Daniel is spotted on the beach covered in blood while Tyler lies dead in front of him, making him the number one suspect in his murder.

Number 2: Trouble lies ahead for lovebirds Emily and Daniel. Josh Bowman reveled exclusively to Celebuzz:

“I think there might be some trouble coming up over the next several episodes and all the way through the end,” Josh told us. “It’s going to be very up and down, up, up then down. It’s going to get dark and my character Daniel is going to get darker. I hope he gets more savvy and gets his wits up around him.”

Number 1: Revenge directors have admitted that the full truth of what really happened on the beach will be revealed next Wednesday. The viewers will get a complete flashback of who truly kills Tyler. However, it is not promised that people will not be wrongfully accused!

“The outcome of chaos can never be predicted.” Emily’s character says in a chilling voice over.  “The only certainty it brings is the devastation it leaves in its wake.”

Stay tuned!

Tell us any spoiler alerts or predictions you have in the comments for next week’s highly anticipated episode!