Jake Pavelka’s Chippendales Inspiration: Ellen Degeneres! (EXCLUSIVE)

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Former BachelorJake Pavelka has landed himself a new gig in Las Vegas…as the latest celebrity guest host at Chippendales at the Rio Hotel!

“I’m nervous, but I’m ready to go,” Jake told Celebuzz before his big debut Thursday. Pavelka performed in front of a sold out crowd last night…so how much is the audience going to see?

“You’re going to see everything…” Jake said, pausing.

“Of me standing up there in a suit,” he finished with a laugh.

“I want to bring a dry, sarcastic, quick-witted sense of humor to the show,” Pavelka said. “Most of my routine–the whole thing is designed around audience participation. It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 88, it’s all going to work.”

Jake isn’t joking! He is ready for women of all ages to get in on the action:

“Cougars, silver foxes–bring ’em on!”

So has Jake been watching anything for inspiration? You might be surprised at the answer:

You are going to laugh actually! I really admire Ellen Degeneres, I really do. If I could have a show like that with her drive and dry, quick-witted humor–her timing is impeccable. She’s so flipping talented and quick. That’s kind of the name of the game, when somebody says something and whatever they say ‘Jake do this’ or something like that, you need to come back with something really funny.

As for any advice he’s been given:

The dance captain, John Cook, he’s given me a lot of advice. Not really on exactly what to say but just some technique on how to keep the energy up and stuff like that. Really the entire cast have been extremely helpful and kind of helping me out as a performer.

Best of luck to you Jake!