100 Days of Hunger Games: Alexander Ludwig Talks Cato & Cast (VIDEO)

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Welcome back to Celebuzz’s 100 Days of Hunger Games video countdown! We’re three weeks away until the film hits theaters, so today we bring you an exclusive interview with star Alexander Ludwig, who plays Cato.

We caught up with the very tall Ludwig at Nylon’s dinner for Josh Hutcherson this week where he dished all about the new film.

“Definitely the tracker jacker scene,” Alex replied when asked which scene he was most looking forward to fans seeing. “The cave scene with Jen and Josh I thought was just a beautiful scene, in the book at least. And I guess my death scene as well!”

“I had to put on 40 pounds for the role,” Ludwig said about becoming Cato. “m still trying to lose it. It sucks so much. I did fight training, sword training. I also worked with a US Navy Seal. I wanted Cato to have as much of a physical presence as a mental one.”

Click the video above to hear more about the Hunger Games and what prank left him without his clothes!

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