Christina Hendricks Reacts To Nude Photo Scandal: My Phone Was Hacked

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Blake Reacts to Nude Pics
Blake Lively's rep says the nude pics are 100% fake.
Are those Christina Hendricks‘ boobs? The Mad Men star says no, but does admit that her phone was hacked. After a nude photo scandal with actress Olivia Munn, pics that are allegedly of Christina leaked, one of which was a nude shot. 

The actress’ rep, however, told that though multiple shots of Christina were stolen from her phone, the breast-baring photo is not of the starlet. The rep says it’s “an imposter.” 

Authorities have been contacted in regards to this hacking. 

Meanwhile, Munn is also in hot water. Alleged nude photos of her hit the web this weekend as well, and like Christina, Olivia says they aren’t of her. The actress tweeted: 

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