Lily Collins Calls ‘Hunger Games’ Star Jennifer Lawrence ‘Awesome Role Model’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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Lily as Snow White
Lily Collins as the whimsical character.
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NYLON Magazine and Coach threw an amazing dinner at Scarpetta restaurant at The Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills Tuesday night in honor of cover girl Lily Collins. The Mirror Mirror star was joined by friends like Ryan Rottman and Victoria Justice as well as Glee‘s Chord Overstreet, and Lily was in great spirits at the intimate gathering.

The Hunger Games is featured in NYLON‘s March issue as well, and Lily couldn’t be happier for Jennifer Lawrence (the two girls also recently shared the cover of Vanity Fair together).

“How cool is she? She is so down to earth and normal,” Lily told Celebuzz at her dinner. “She’s awesome. I really respect her as an actress and a person. She also, I feel, is able to keep her private life private and she values it so much, and she values her family. I think she’s an awesome role model.”

So as fame grows for Lily — who is rumored to be dating Zac Efron — does she it important to keep her private life private?

“There is a certain balance. I want people to feel like I’m not this caricature of a person or even what they consider a ‘celebrity.’ I’m just a normal girl who fought to get to where she is, and I have fun along the way. I want to be as open as I can be, but what I value most about old Hollywood actresses is they kept a mystic and mystery about them that kept people asking questions. I think there’s something to be said about keeping certain things–relationships, experiences–private.

Still, don’t expect Collins to complain about being famous. Like JLaw, who recently said she “hates when actors complain,” Lily feels extremely lucky to be where she is:

“I find it extremely difficult to complain. About anything! I’m so extremely lucky. I mean, having a party in my honor for the cover of a magazine–what! It’s so weird to me. I believe you put as much of yourself out there as you’re willing to put out there, and if you start [doing that too much] it comes with consequences. Everyone has their own process of dealing with the media and being public or whatnot, but as long as you know who you are and feel confident within yourself, then I feel like you will handle it in the right way.”

One way Lily doesn’t handle it? By going through a party phase. She said in her NYLON interview that you won’t find her out at clubs. So what does she do instead? “I love listening to music, going to the movie theater, just hanging out with friends,” Lily said with a smile.

Mirror Mirror hits theaters March 16. Check out the trailer: