Texas Forever! ‘Friday Night Lights’ Star Taylor Kitsch Talks Dream House In Austin

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Is it March 9th yet? Because we need some shirtless Taylor Kitsch in our life.

In just a few days, the highly anticipated Disney movie John Carter is set to be released with former Friday Night Lights star in the leading role.

In the March issue of GQ, Taylor explains, “This year is really make-or-break.” Besides John Carter, the actor is also starring in the summer blockbuster Battleship (directed by Peter Berg of FNL), based on the popular board game, alongside Rihanna and  Alexander Skarsgard, which is about an alien invasion on the high seas.

But enough about his movies, what’s going on with his personal life?

Currently, the Canadian actor is building his dream house in Austin, Texas. “Texas forever. It looks like it’s going to be that way, too.” he says, quoting his swoon-worthy character Tim Riggins. It seems you can take the man out of Texas but not Texas out of the man. 

Battleship hits theaters May 18th. Will you be checking out any of Taylor’s movies this year? Let us know in the comments below.