Are Racy Outfits on ‘Dance Moms’ Damaging to Young Girls? Expert Answers!

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The controversy continues on Dance Moms! Tonight’s show follows a very racy dance routine featured in the last episode that gave the illusion that 10-year-old girls were nearly naked showgirls.

What impact does this have on the little girls featured in the show — and those watching? Celebuzz turned to psychotherapist (and Author of The Breakup Bible), Rachel A. Sussman for the answers!

What impact does this have on a child?
Forcing a child to dress and perform in a provocative way can have wide spread negative effects. If you put a child into an adults-only situation (where they clearly don’t belong), they may be very confused about their developmental stage and their sexual identity. It can cause depression, anxiety and low self esteem. Furthermore, they may have trust issues. Also, they are receiving very poor parenting, which can set them up for a lifetime of negative attachment issues.

Does a young girl understand she’s being objectified in this situation?
Children are generally too young to understand that they are being objectified. However, many kids today are smart and savvy and they may recognize that something feels off, or have an intuition that their mothers are asking them to do something that doesn’t feel right. They are in a developmental stage where they are trying to please their parents, and the paradox of it all will upset and confuse them.

Does this encourage early sexual development?
Yes, unfortunately it does.Are they being made into potential abuse victims? Children who are sexualized too early often don’t often understand how to have a healthy sexual relationship in their adult lives. Also, they develop very poor self-esteem, and that can set them up for having dysfunctional and unhealthy friendships and love relationships.

How would you advise these mothers? Should they not let their girls dance?
The kids should not dance in these costumes or in a sexual style. Period. Children must be allowed to be children. They should be happy and carefree and not have these risky situations in their young innocent lives.What would you say to the woman who put 10 year olds in a showgirls costume? That her behavior is entirely irresponsible. Children do not belong is showgirls costumes. You are causing damage to your kids which could be widespread and last a lifetime. Get help for yourself (moms) to discover what the deeper psychological motive is as to why you are putting your kids in such inappropriate and harmful situations.