Cory Monteith Auctions Off Kiss at GLAAD Media Awards, Smooches ‘Smash’ Star Megan Hilty (PHOTOS)

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Oh, how we’d pay good money to kiss Cory Monteith too!

Along with his Glee co-star Naya Rivera, the 29-year-old hunky Canuck hosted the GLAAD Media Awards in New York City last night, and things got a little steamy when both emcees auctioned off onstage kisses for the cause. At first, Cory’s highest bidder was none other than Hollywood heartthrob John Stamos. The former Glee guest star put down $5000 to plant one on Cory but was eventually one-upped by Smash‘s Megan Hilty.

But John did get a kiss of his own that night..

As the bidding went on, Stamos himself hopped on the stage to auction off a smooch as well! Naya, Cory, and John each raked in $5000 for a kiss. Soon after the auction’s end, the winning bidders were greeted on stage and awarded with their kiss. Naya’s suitor gracefully dipped the brunette stunner for a passionate smooch while John planted a quick peck on his strapping male bidder.

Um, so is anyone hoping for round two here?

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