Readers React: Do You Think ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Deena Nicole Recently Had Plastic Surgery?

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Deena: Plastic Surgery?
Did Deena Nicole go under the knife? Expert answers!
Jersey Shore‘s Deena Nicole Cortese debuted a new look at MTV’s Spring Break party last week and the self-proclaimed “blast in a glass” have been facing rumors of undergoing plastic surgery ever since. Deena, who had a nose job years ago, took to Twitter to deny speculations of recently receiving more surgery, telling her Twitter followers that her new look is due to a combination of dieting and a new makeup regime.

Do you think Deena recent went under the knife? We took to our Facebook to hear what you had to say on the matter!

 Many Celebuzz reader thought the Jersey Shore meatball received facial injections rather than actual surgery. 

Delisa R. said: She looks like she got a lot of injectables.

Elizabeth S. said: its so obvious she did something (alot of something) she looks gross now

Barbara R. said: She looks like she as a mask on. She got work done you can tell. Whoever did it isn’t that good.

Marisol M. said: she definetely got injectables on her face, cheeks & lips plus possible rhinoplasty…maybe even a forehead lift

Leighanne G. said: She got botox or something!

Amy Z. said: She definitely had work done…I’m not even going to get into her awful makeup!

Jeff L. said: I agree, she looks puffy.

Dominique V. said: yes and no…no surgery but mass botox and fillers!!!

Erika G. said: They don’t consider injectables “surgery” so she’s not lying! *wink*

However, a few readers also sided with Deena.

Tattiana W. said: Its called makeup!!

Jennifer V. said: I think the only thing different is her hair color and makeup, she still looks the same to me.

Amanda Z. said: She just looks skinner

Lisa Y. said: It looks like a makeup change to me, and a weird expression.

Botox or not, there’s one addition to Deena that every one can agree on! On Thursday, the starlet showed off her new teeth to fans. She tweeted before and after photos, adding:

Do you think Deena’s telling the truth when she says that she didn’t get plastic surgery? Continue the debate in the comments below!