Justin Bieber Tells Celebuzz What Makes a Good Boyfriend!

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With the release of his new single “Boyfriend” (and the passing of his 18th birthday), Justin Bieber is showing a more mature side — the Biebs is all grown up, you guys! His relationship with Selena Gomez has matured too, as they two have gone from friends to one of Hollywood’s hottest couples! They’re often seen showing PDA and support each other at various events, but what makes it work?

Justin tells Celebuzz what makes somebody good boyfriend material, saying one must possess “respect and honesty.” 

Screaming fans everywhere think he’s the perfect boyfriend already, of course. There is evidence that supports this theory! See his best boyfriend moments below and swoon away!

As for his new single, “It is an important song,” he says. “I like the message of the single and it gives people the opportunity to see how I’ve matured as an artist.”