Pregnant Celebrities: How Much Weight Did They Gain? (PHOTOS)

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Jessica Goes Nude
Simpson shows off her baby bump in ELLE.
Jessica Simpson, 31, is being criticized for gaining too much weight while pregnant, despite her publicly claiming that she has only “put on 40 pounds.”

Simpson’s weight was a topic on The View Tuesday with Joy Behar bashing the Fashion Star judge for getting “fat” and putting on more than the recommended 25 pounds. However, Joy’s fellow View host Whoopi Goldberg jumped in to defend Jessica, revealing that when she was pregnant she went from 119 pounds to 210 pounds.

So what is normal? Lets look where other celebrity moms rank on the weight gain scale.

Stars like Kate Hudson and Kendra Wilkinson have been vocal in discussing that they packed on upwards of 60 pounds while pregnant with their first child. Models Miranda Kerr and Gisele seem to have been on the lower end.

Check out the gallery above to see stars sound off (or not) on their pregnancy pound woes. Also, hear Miranda tell Celebuzz how she is keeping the weight off right here: