Relationship Expert to Kim Kardashian: Take Your Time with Kanye

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While Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have yet to officially confirm their romance, fans of the two are excited to see them as a couple — even going as far to dub the pair “Kimye”.

Celebuzz relationship expert Rachel A. Sussman, the author of The Breakup Bible, believes the pair make a perfect couple. 

“They both seem fun loving, creative, full of spirit and life,” she said. “Doesn’t hurt that they’re both very attractive too.”

Our expert also said Kim should be more than ready to move on from her ex Kris Humphries!

“Almost six months have passed since her marriage ended,” Rachel noted.

“Kim’s dialogue sounds strong and optimistic. I think she has taken the time to understand where her marriage went wrong — and I think she wants to get it right this time.”

One thing is for sure, though: 31-year-old Kim can always count on her family for their support!

Sister Kourtney, 32, stopped by Fox & Friends on Monday morning and spilled a few coy details on the rumored romance, admitting that Kim and Kayne have been “friends for years.”

As for dating a famous rapper, Rachel advised: “Celebrity couples do have a few additional challenges than regular couples! The best advice I can offer is to lay down a super solid foundation. Take your time getting to know each other as a romantic couple. Enjoy the process and don’t rush it.”

Kanye has already mentioned Kim in song, we can only hope he takes to his Twitter to spell out more deets on their relationship! 

We asked our readers to come up with a nickname for the couple, with “Kimye” taking top nods.