‘Hunger Games’ News: PETA Slams Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson Praises Gary Ross

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Move over Kim Kardashian, PETA has selected their latest target: Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence. During Jen’s interview with Rolling Stone the 21-year-old actress talked about when she tore apart a squirrel in Winter’s Bone. “I should say it wasn’t real, for PETA. But screw PETA,” Lawrence said.

Naturally, PETA’s president Ingrid Newkirk has issued a response to the Oscar nominated actress:

She’s young and the plight of animals somehow hasn’t yet touched her heart. As Henry David Thoreau said, ‘The squirrel you kill in jest, dies in earnest.’ We are told that this squirrel was hit by a car, but when people kill animals, it is the animals who are ‘screwed,’ not PETA, and one day I hope she will try to make up for any pain she might cause any animal who did nothing but try to eke out a humble existence in nature.”

In other Hunger Games news: the other PETA, meaning Peeta, talked about Hunger Games director Gary Ross’ involvement in Catching Fire.

Josh Hutcherson told The Hollywood Reporter:

I think Gary’s the man. Gary is in my mind is the only one that could ever direct the second one. That’s what I’m sticking to.

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