Birthday Girl Brooklyn Decker’s Sexiest Bikini-Clad Moments (PHOTOS)

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We (along with Jennifer Aniston) were first intimidated by this jaw-dropping blonde bombshell when she emerged out of the water wearing a teeny yellow bikini for that slow motion scene in Just Go With It

Just a year later, Brooklyn Deckeris still taking our breath away with her flawless physique and her latest action role in Battleship.

The model-turned-actress turns 25 today, April 12, and in celebration, we thought it fun to relive some of her best bikini moments.

 Brooklyn’s body is so on point that Women’s Health chose her as the cover girl of their May issue. She even shared how she got in Battleship shape alongside her super sexy costar Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights). 

“You create a bonding experience that you never would have had. My hike with Taylor Kitsch [her love interest in Battleship] was very strenuous, and we needed ropes to get to the top of the summit. But when we were finished, we knew each other a lot better than if we had just had the usual dinner and drinks night. Plus, no matter how much time you spend in the weight room, you simply can’t get a better workout for your legs than when you go for a long hike.”

Her athlete husband Andy Roddick helps in keeping her in physical and emotional shape. She told the magazine of her hubby, “Being married to Andy has given me a new appreciation for my body. He’s taught me that it’s not how thin you are that matters. It’s how your body performs, how it endures wear and tear.”

Sounds like she’s got herself a keeper! Leave Brooklyn a few birthday wishes, below.