Overexposed! Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton Bares Breasts In Super See-Through Dress (PHOTOS)

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Guess Who? Cleavage!
Which hot Hollywood lady is this?
This is one way to get attention. 

Former Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton attempted to one-up her female peers at the Elle Women In Music event Thursday night in Los Angeles by wearing a completely see-through dress. She conveniently forgot to wear her bra, thus giving photographers and onlookers an eye-full. The event also boasted guests Jessie J, Nicole Scherzinger and Ellie Goulding, but it was this brown lace dress that had everyone whispering. 

The performer, 27, was quite proud of her overexposure, tweeting: 

She’s not the first (and certainly won’t be the last) to show a little too much skin. Click the pics to see what other celebs have overexposed themselves on the red carpet and beyond. 

What do you think of Melody’s style statement? Is it sexy or just plain trashy? State your case in the comments!