Rihanna Shoots Down Personal Questions in Yet Another Testy Interview (VIDEO)

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Memo to reporters: Don’t even try to ask Rihanna a question about her personal life, because she’s going to give you the ice-cold shoulder if you do.

The pop superstar had another — how do we put this lightly? — tense moment during an interview this week, in which she scolded Australian Sunrise reporter Natalie Barr for addressing the rumors about her love life.

“How frustrating is it when you’re linked to another Hollywood star, even if you’ve barely met them?” Barr asked. To which Rihanna abruptly said: “Very frustrating. Almost as frustrating as being asked about it. I mean, what’s the point?”

According to Barr, the interview ended abruptly after Rihanna answered that question. Yowch!

Incidentally, this is just the latest battle (pun not intended — okay, maybe it was) between Rihanna and a nosy reporter; late last month, she ripped into a reporter named “Sarah” for asking about the rumors between her and Ashton Kutcher.

“Wow, how disappointing was that question,” she said, before admitting she is single. (Watch the video here.)

Rihanna also snapped at a reporter at the same Battleship junket this week, when the reporter asked Rihanna and her co-star Brooklyn Decker about the personal struggles they’ve faced in real life.

“Girl, you said the key word: personal. Next!” Rihanna quipped.

Of course, Rihanna’s personal life has been all over the tabloids in recent months, due in great part to her re-collaboration with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, the man who brutally assaulted Rihanna, in 2009. The former couple recorded two songs together, including a remix of Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake.”

In the latest issue of Elle, Rihanna addressed the criticism she received over the duets, saying:

It’s very hard for me to accept, but I get it. People end up wasting their time on the blogs or whatever, ranting away, and that’s all right. I don’t hate them for it … Tomorrow I’m still going to be the same person. I’m still going to do what I want to do.

What do you think, readers: Should reporters leave Rihanna alone, or should she open up a little bit more?