Who Has the Best Allure Nude Photo? (POLL)

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Forget the teeny bikinis! These women are so comfortable in their own skin that they were willing to pose nude for Allure magazine. Heidi Klum, Maria Menounos, Debra Messing, Leslie Bibb, Taraji P. Henson, and Morena Baccarin stripped down completely, with the exception of some diamonds, and shared their feelings about baring their flawless physiques.

While Maria, Debra and Taraji chose to drape themselves over a bed, Heidi, Leslie and Morena did full frontal standing shots for their photo shoot. So which nude photo is your fave? Cast your vote in the poll below and flip through the gallery to get a closer look at these beautiful nudes.

The Allure interviews with these women were quite candid, with Maria saying of her body image, “I have some serious issues here. But I want to get over that.”

Smash star Debra, 43, was happy to flaunt her figure, admitting, “Once you have a child, once you pass 40, you have a different relationship with your body. I love my body in a way I never have before.”

GCB star Leslie confessed that she went on a four-day juice cleanse before the shoot, joking, “Sam [Rockwell, her boyfriend] was like, ‘Thank God I’m not with you right now. You are not nice on the juice cleanse.'”

As for Oscar nominee Taraji, this probably won’t be the last time we’ll see her nude. She told Allure, “My friends won’t be surprised by this shoot. Whenever we go to the beach, I’m like, ‘Is this a nude beach? Can I take my top off?'”

V and Homeland star Morena said of her strip down, “I didn’t want it to be an overload, like ‘That girl is always taking off her clothes.’ This is for the art of it. It’s beautiful.”

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