The ‘Magic Mike’ Trailer Is Finally Here! (VIDEO)

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It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for. If you’ve been holding your breath for the Magic Mike trailer, you can finally exhale. Let’s all try to compose ourselves, shall we? 

While the movie promises plenty of man candy and overt sexual puns, we’re more than a little surprised at how they’ve snuck a heartfelt message into a movie about male strippers. Given the subject matter, it seemed the movie would be a bit of a spoof. It appears the underlying message of the film is one of self-discovery and romance. 

Channing Tatum does not disappoint in the title role. He shows off his best assets — beyond his hot body and amazing dance moves — by putting his acting chops on display. He’s a charming bad boy, yet also sensitive. 

Best line? “The law says you can look but you can’t touch,” Matthew McConaughey says to a worked up crowd of ladies. “But I see a lot of lawbreakers.” 

If enjoying this is a crime, lock us up and throw away the key! 

The movie is said to be loosely based on Channing’s life — he has talked about his stripper past before. We can only hope his future keeps him taking it off for the camera!