Celeb Trainer Reveals Bikini Diet Secrets: Surprising Unhealthy Foods! (PHOTOS)

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Want A Butt Like That?
Celeb trainer reveals bikini butt secrets.
Celebuzz brought you all the right moves to get that bikini body with a bounty of butt-enhancing exercises, just remember that you can’t out train a poor diet! 

Celebrity TrainerLalo Fuentes, CSCS — who trains Emily VanCamp (Revenge) as well as Joseph Morgan (Klaus) from the Vampire Diaries — reveals his bikini diet secrets to complete your transformation! See his diet tips below:  

“Concentrate on portion control,” he says. “Your stomach expands or shrinks at your will, so take advantage of that.”

Lalo adds that you can slowly train your tummy to downsize. 

“A good way to fool your stomach is by slowly reducing your current portions every two weeks so that you don’t starve yourself,” he says. “After six weeks, you’ll be surprised at how much food you used to eat before compared to what you’ll need to eat after six weeks in order to be satisfied.”

Rather they fad diets, he says, “have a balanced diet. Every meal you eat should have lean protein, good carbs, good fat and fiber.” 

For that extra boot, he suggests using science to your advantage. “Try natural supplements that increase your metabolism and give you extra energy while naturally suppressing your appetite,” he adds. “A good one I recommend is Maca-Trim.” 

He also says to beware of foods and other choices we think are healthy — but can be deceptive! 

“A lot of people confuse being vegetarian by being healthy,” Lalo says. “They’re not related at all. Being vegetarian only means not eating animal products, that’s all. [note: you can eat pizza everyday and be vegetarian] If you want to follow that route, make sure you become knowledgeable about your foods. For example, which source of food contains enough protein to sustain your daily needs?”

Finally, be sure to read those labels! “The first thing I find on a new client’s fridge is your regular yogurt. Please don’t make the same mistake,” Lalo says. “Those regular yogurts are high on sugar, high on carbohydrates and very low on protein. Choose a brand of greek yogurt that you like, but that is also low on fat and high on protein. After all, you can always add frozen or fresh blueberries or whatever flavor of fruit you feel like eating that day.”