Kelly Bensimon: My Daughters Really Want Me to Date (EXCLUSIVE)

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Though she’s no longer on The Real Housewives of New York City, supermodel Kelly Bensimon is still a busy woman. Case in point: She’s currently promoting her fourth (!) book, the lifestyle guide I Can Make You HOT! The Supermodel Diet, in which she dishes on all of the healthy diet and nutrition secrets she learned throughout her life.

Kelly, of course, is also a mother of two daughters — Sea, 12, and Teddy, 9 — from her previous marriage to photographer Gilles Bensimon. And while she’s actively writing and promoting her book, Kelly — who is single — says she’s still dating, and still has high hopes for her love life.

As she tells Celebuzz exclusively:

Right after I got divorced, I went on Housewives and I met some guys in New York who were not exactly great people with good intentions. I had a really, really difficult time navigating through the dating scene, just because, for some reason, being on television attracts the wrong people … I want to expose [my daughters] to people I care about, not people who are trying to take me for a ride. As a result, I’m really strict about dating, and I’m really strict about who I walk around with and who I introduce my children to.

Still, despite a few bumps in the road, Kelly — who is about to celebrate her 44th birthday — says her daughters actively encourage her to get out there on the dating scene.

“[My daughters are] like, you and daddy aren’t going to get married. You need to find a boyfriend and have a life,” she added. “They want a sibling. They want [me to have] a baby so badly,” she said.

“My youngest is, like, mommy, I think you should date that lifeguard,” she quipped. “I’m like, ‘He’s 18 years old. He’s seven years older than you. He could be my son.”

Kelly, who admits she never thought she’d get divorced, says that she, too, wants to get married again someday.

“I just want to have a photo album filled with a husband, a wife and babies and kids and dogs and just a real life that I grew up with. That’s what I want for my kids, and that’s what I’m really looking for,” she said.

“I feel good. When you feel good, good things happen, right?” she said.

Obviously, Kelly has every reason to feel good, due in great part to the success of I Can Make You HOT! As Kelly explains, the lifestyle guide — which hit stands on Tuesday — is “more about nurturing and less about starvation.”

“I’m from the Midwest,” she said. “We don’t starve. We drink beer, we hang out with friends, we laugh …We have a great time.”

“I really want to encourage everyone to have a healthy relationship with food,” she said. “People are talking about friendships with boundaries — [This is] food with boundaries,” she said.

With a helpful, seven-day guide, Kelly — who has teamed up with Hpnotiq for her book tour — offers a number of fun tips and recipes in HOT! (Short for “Healthy Options Today”) on how to achieve a healthy relationship with food.

One of those recipes is the “Kelly Gummi Bear Martini,” which Kelly was kind enough to share exclusively with Celebuzz. Check out the recipe below, then be sure to pick up a copy of I Can Make You HOT! The Supermodel Diet, on stands now!

Kelly Gummi Bear Martini

2 Parts Premium Vodka

1.5 Parts Hpnotiq

.5 parts white grape juice

Splash of cranberry juice

Gummi bears, as many as you like

Combine the vodka, Hpnotiq, grape juice in a shaker, shake well, pour
into highball glass over ice and add a splash of club soda and a splash
of cranberry, add Gummi bears!