Kourtney Kardashian Hints at Baby Names: None Start With a ‘K’ (VIDEO)

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Kourt's Bikini Bump!
Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian bikinis in Mexico.
Kimand Kourtney Kardashian chatted with Extra at E!’s Upfront’s, where Kourtney talked about being pregnant again — and there is one thing not going so smoothly, she revealed.

“I’ve been claustrophobic in my third trimester,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s star said. “Having a few panic attacks. I feel really good I just can’t be in situations where I have no control because I’m a control freak.”

Kourtney, 33, did reveal that she does have a few names for her baby girl in mind.

“I have a list, I’m not sharing it,” she said.

But Kim chimed in and revealed one factor that’s already been determined.

“No K names, I’ll give you that,” said Kim, 31, who is currently dating rapper Kanye West.

“No K names on my list,” agreed Kourtney. “Because they’re all taken by my family!”

Kim was also asked about her rap superstar boyfriend, but remained tight-lipped on her new love. When asked what she has to say to naysayers who say the relationship is fake and just a story line, she joked:

Haven’t they said that about me before? I’m very used to that. I don’t really pay attention to anything people say, or anything like that.

Watch what else the girls had to say, including Kim’s reaction to President Obama’s joke about her right here: