Ryan O’Neal: Son Redmond Threatened to Stab Himself During Fight With Farrah Fawcett (VIDEO)

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Oscar-nominated actor Ryan O’Neal opens up about his tumultuous, sometimes tragic, personal life in his new memoir Both of Us: My Life With Farrah, in which he documents his entire relationship with actress Farrah Fawcett, as well as his struggles with his four children.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight that aired on Tuesday, O’Neal — the actor who starred in such movies as Love Story and Paper Moon — recalled a particularly painful moment documented in the book, in which the couple’s only son, Redmond, threatened to stab himself with a knife. The reason: Ryan and Farrah were fighting yet again, and Redmond simply wanted them to stop.

It gets worse …

“So, we stopped,” Ryan said, through tears.

Redmond is currently serving a one-year sentence in a rehab center after he pleaded no contest to felony gun and heroin possession, last August. In September, Redmond had his probation provoked, when he admitted to using narcotics in the rehab facility.

At a hearing in March, a Los Angeles County judge praised Redmond’s progress in rehab, and said he would delay sentencing on his probation violation if Redmond, 27, continues to do well.

Meanwhile, in the his interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ryan gave an update on his relationships with his three other children: Patrick, Tatum and Griffin.

“I have a great relationship with Patrick,” he said. “Tatum is a work in progress, but Griffin is gone. He’s gone. You can’t win them all.”

“They were difficult to raise and hold onto Farrah at the same time,” he added.”

Ryan, 71,– who is currently battling prostate cancer — had Tatum and Griffin with his first wife, actress Joanna Moore, and Patrick with his second wife, Leigh Taylor-Young.

Farrah died in June 29 after a lengthy battle with cancer. She was 62.

Watch more of Ryan’s interview with Entertainment Tonight in our video above!