Justin Bieber, Babies & Puppies! Heartthrob Lends Star Power to Ryan Seacrest (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber knows how to make a video go viral, and he’s helping his 37-year-old friend Ryan Seacrest! The “Baby” singer was asked by the American Idol host to assist in making his KIIS FM radio show’s YouTube channel surpass 100 million views — and he did just that.

But it wasn’t just Justin’s star power that did the trick. The 18-year-old also brought adorable reinforcements.

Justin explains that the way to break 100 million views is to have some puppies and babies in the mix. Speaking of mixes, the Biebs encourages dancing in a viral video, which led us to realize that we’ve never seen Ryan bust a move before — and for good reason.

Check out the video above, and don’t forget that today’s the day that The Biebs’ “Boyfriend” music video will be released!

What’s cutest in this video: Bieber, the babies or the puppies? Let us know, below.